Al Balad Radio

Community Media Network decided to revamp their website which had been stuck and faced with various technical issues such as errors in content archived, multi sub-sites that are not connected, difficulty in content updates, and issues in Radio Al-Balad broadcasting online. Sprintive proposed Drupal as the best fit technical solution to develop the main website including the 19 sub-sites with a very smooth publishing workflow, retrieve the missing archived content, and facilitate Radio Al-Balad Broadcasting online.

The Challenge
Build a centralized digital solution that contains all Community Media Network platforms
Scope of work
Advanced Content Workflow
Information Architecture
Advanced Drupal Development
Build Content Managment System
Data Migration
Drupal Module Development
Performance Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Integration
Third-Party Integration

The Solutions

Built website using Drupal
Dynamic sub-site builder for each program
Content migration from Wordpress
Broadcasting solution for Al Balad Radio
Retrieve archive from backups for 10 years
The Impact
Unique visits
Organic Search Traffic
Session Time

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