Thursday 12/04/2018,


In association with the training center, Sprintive had accomplished the web development training course to The Central Bank of Sudan & Manaseer Group. where the CTO of Sprintive Mohammad Abdul Qader was the technical trainer during the course.

The course consisted of learning Drupal by building a full website with news, events, blogs, and users using the principal modules and functionality of the CMS. The trainees were coached through all the steps until all the topics were covered, and the site is virtually deployed.

 The main subjects that were covered during the course:

  • Understand more about how Drupal works
  • Make a simple custom module
  • Generate blocks with code
  • Build menus with code
  • Construct forms with code
  • Understand what entities are
  • Work with databases
  • Make a simple custom theme
  • Use templates and their variables
  • Create a sub-theme

Drupal  8 CMS Training